Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Buzz from BIKINI BOOTCAMP....

Create Your Dream Dining Room
Forget for a moment about what you eat, and think about how you eat. If you eat breakfast in the car, lunch at your desk, and dinner standing in the kitchen with a take-out container in your hands, it's time to reevaluate your mealtime habits.

Think about your dream dining space, one that's reserved only for the enjoyment and appreciation of food. A table, comfortable chairs, plenty of light, and lots of room for you to move are basic needs. Now take it a step further. You won't have a relaxing meal in a spot that's drafty, too warm, too cold, or cluttered. If your dining area is any of these things, a lamp, a space heater, or comfortable cushions can go a long way toward making your mealtimes more enjoyable. Even a small investment in, for example, a pretty tablecloth, or fresh flowers for a centerpiece, can make it more likely that you'll take a seat, relax, and enjoy!
Come and Get It!
Your family is much more likely to sit down together to eat if you schedule your main meal at the same time every day. Write the time down on a whiteboard or post it on your refrigerator or in another high-traffic area of your home.

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