Saturday, August 25, 2007

Buy this book!!

Happiness Now!

By Robert Holden

From the show How Happy Are You?

From The Publisher:

How often do you find yourself using the phrase: "This is all too good to be true" or "All good things come to an end"? It is all too common a belief that in order to be happy you must earn, deserve, work and pay for it. Happiness is for tomorrow. Today is for well-behaved hardship, martyrdom and quiet desperation. With a combination of stories, exercises, meditations, poetry and prayer, Robert focuses on keys to emotional healing, true self-acceptance, relationships, inner confidence, and pure peace of mind. Challenging, helpful, visionary and practical, Happiness Now! shows how we can begin to enjoy the happiness we truly deserve.
DANIELLE'S COMMENTS: This was an absolutely awesome show! I could totally relate to all of the content. I recommend buying the book "Happiness Now", which was featured on the OPRAH show Thursday. To take the "how happy are you quiz", go to:

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