Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 2: Doing Work!

I'm not going to lie, yesterday way hard. Isabella woke up 4 times the night before. (teething)
Somehow I mustered up the strength to go into the basement and for cardio - when I laid her
backdown for the first time. I definitely had a hard time. I'm much better early afternoon.
Anyway, despite the sleep deprivation, I pushed through.

My second cardio was at 4pm, much better output - but it was still hard. Last but least, I completed my weight training at 6pm. Now that was easier, because I had the company of a few of my clients. Group training is definitely a great way to guarantee yourself a great workout that doesn't seem to take forever. My eating was super clean.

Now onto today, I've already strength trained for 60 minutes. Sometime this afternoon I am going to get that cardio done. I'm 2.60 pounds lighter today - maybe it will be a little easier? So far my nutrition has been flawless, hoping to keep it light for the rest of the day. The heat makes it easier to drink more water and eat less. I'll check back in later to give you a summary of my day 2.

8:30AM - Egg white & spinach scramble w/ jalapeƱo & hot salsa. 1/2 Grapefruit.

9:00AM - 60 minute full-body strength training class.

12:00PM - Baked haddock, broccoli florets, 1/2 c. sweet potato cubed.

4:00PM - 30 min cardio on Cyber Arc Trainer.

4:45PM - Muscle milk chocolate shake.

5:00PM - 60 min full-body strength training class.

7:00PM - garden salad w/balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Grilled chicken breast.

* I had no problem drinking my gallon of water today. It was hot! Hoping to feel leaner and stronger

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