Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ABOUT TIME All Natural Whey Protein Isolate is my current protein supplement of choice. When mixed with frozen strawberries and bananas, it's a dream come true! Just in case anyone was wondering. I ordered it from GNC online after a little research. It was a great choice, I love the chocolate best.

Although I am still carrying extra, unwanted body FAT, I feel so much better. I can already tell that I am losing layers, it's already obvious in the mirror. I won't stop until it is all gone and I am wearing my favorite jean shorts again. In the meantime, I am listening to my body - but trying to workout at least 2 to 3 times a day. If you look back in my previous exercise journals (2011 and earlier) - it was the norm for me. Finding balance between caring for Isabella, work and my workouts took awhile to figure out - but I think I GOT THIS!

9:00AM - 60 minute strength training workout.

10:00AM - Protein shake with strawberries, bananas, flaxseed oil and 1 tsp of peanut butter. YUM!

12:30PM - Grilled chicken breast w/ 1tbsp. hot salsa, 1/2c. sweet potato cubed and 1c. green beans.

4:00PM - 25 minutes of T25 with Shaun T - so far, totally doable for me and all of my clients. It's no where near as hard as insanity but you do sweat buckets. :)

4:30PM - 35 minutes Cybex Arc Trainer. (my legs are pure JUNK - too many weight days in a row)

7:00PM - Spinach salad w/ cherry tomatoes, red onion, carrots & cabbage. 3/4c. lowfat cottage cheese.

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