Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reasons To Keep A Food Log

It's extremely important to keep a food log mainly because it keeps you conscious of the foods and liquids you consume every day. Many people eat unconsciously whether they are at work snacking throughout the day or at home on the couch watching TV at night with their favorite comfort food. People have a hard time really understanding the amount overall calories they consume until it's actually documented to review and analyze. A food log instantly puts the hard data in front of you so you can see the breakdown of nutrient information. Read Full Article >>

Success Story of the Week - Jacqueline
This area is dedicated to weight loss success stories shared by our visitors. These are real stories from real people who have achieved real results. Each person shares their nutritional tips, exercise advice and insight about how they successfully lost weight and kept it off. Learn exactly what these people ate and what specific exercises they used to lose excess body fat and build lean muscle. We hope these stories will provide you with the motivation to make the changes that will make your life healthier and happier. See After Photos >>

Video of the Week - Jump Rope Workout #5
Our instructional videos cover several key exercises and workout routines that target important muscle groups. The individual exercise videos were developed to help teach you proper exercise technique so you can integrate them into weight training workout routines. The workout videos combine several different exercises to form a complete routine along with recommended sets and repetitions. This will help you build lean muscle mass, increase your strength levels and increase gains in overall power. Watch Video >>

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