Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A deal for your health

By Judi Ketteler

You read Oxygen’s May 2010 issue and you’re well on your way to mastering all of your health and fitness goals. Here’s a bonus goal that combines your savvy bargaining skills with your need for a really cheap (but efficient!) treadmill or a pair of used dumbbells – reaching your health goals doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Goal: Score the best deal on used fitness equipment.

Time Frame: One day to a week.

Benefit: Work on your fitness goals inside your own home on rainy spring days when a jog or a trek to the gym just isn’t an option.

Your Plan: It’s just a matter of honing your detective skills, says New York City certified health and fitness trainer Joan Pagano, author ofStrength Training for Women (DK Publishing, 2005). Here are some of her top tips:

• Start with newspaper classifieds, eBay, Craigslist or other online resources in your community.

• Call around to local gyms to see if they are replacing equipment anytime soon and selling their old equipment.

• Be careful of the old-school all-metal dumbbells – the coating tends to flake off, which can be dangerous if you’re lifting above your head as it may fall into your eyes.

• Always try to get the seller to name a price first, and never be afraid to use silence as a negotiating tactic.

• Visit garage sales. Your neighbors might have great equipment they no longer need – and you could get a friendly discount.

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