Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Success Stories

Celebrate the Small Victories!

When was the last time you watched a movie with your kids after dinner? When was the last time you and your spouse had an adults-only night out? When was the last time you ran yourself an old-fashioned bubble bath — just because you felt like it?

Life is too short not to celebrate the many wonderful reasons we have to be happy! We're all too ready to get down on ourselves for cheating on our diets or skipping a night at the gym, but we forget about celebrating the many positives in our lives, as well as the small victories we achieve all the time. Congratulating yourself along your weight-loss journey — every time you complete a difficult workout, lose a pound, or stay strong and stick to your diet during a tempting situation — will help keep you motivated, and it's a great habit to share with your family and friends. If your son gets an A on his social studies test, why don't you celebrate? If your spouse has an especially good day at work, celebrate!

Promise yourself that you'll congratulate yourself on some of the smaller achievements you make on the way to reaching your goals, as well as some of the smaller but just as important day-to-day reasons to be happy. Celebrations don't have to be big and elaborate. They can be small surprises that say, "Job well done!" or "Good for you!" (or "Good for me!"). Try to take time from your busy life to be happy and to share your happiness with others. Do something fun and unexpected, and the day will be twice as memorable! www.deniseaustin.com

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