Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Diet Tip

Don't Pull That Trigger!

For me, it's sweets. For you, maybe it's chips.

Everyone has a "trigger food," something that makes you feel "I'm off my diet!" the minute you set your eyes on it.

Sometimes it's very specific, like one brand of chocolate-chip cookie that you just can't resist. Sometimes it's a snack with a very particular crunch. It can be an entire food group, like carbs, or it can be something gooey, like peanut butter.

Maybe you glance guiltily around the supermarket aisle (is anyone looking?) and then throw it into your shopping cart to bring home — um, in case of an emergency. Don't kid yourself — with trigger foods, it's never safe. You must never bring them into your house. Don't try to fool yourself with, "It's just this once!" That phrase has put more pounds on people than the "All You Can Eat" sign at a buffet.

The only way to handle trigger foods is to banish them from your life. You'll thank me for this advice later.

But if you do slip up — and we're all human, we're all under stress — then move on. The danger of trigger foods is twofold: First you beat yourself up over it, then you eat more because you feel bad.

The time to be tough with yourself is before you slip up. If it happens, then the kindest thing you can do is to finish your "cheat" day with a healthy meal. http://bridalbootcamponline.com/

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