Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fitness Flash

Find a Way to Fit Workouts into the Workday

Do you work full-time? This may be one reason you've been unable to commit to workouts. In fact, a study by the American Heart Association showed that those of us who are at the office 40 hours a week or more are far more likely to spend our free time relaxing on the couch than getting in a good workout. Interestingly, the workers in the study reported that it wasemotional exhaustion, not hard physical labor, that had them reaching for the remote control.

But take heart — having a job doesn't have to mean giving up on your quest to get fit. You can get a workout in without quitting your day job, the experts say! One smart suggestion? Break down your daily workouts into 10-minute mini sessions so they're easier to squeeze into your lunch hour or other breaks. For example, try a few stretches and aerobic moves when you wake up, a brisk walk before lunch at the office, and an early-evening yoga session.

Another wise move is to simply turn off the TV, computer, or video game so you can use your downtime more productively. You can do it! And think about it: If you sat in an office chair for hours, the last thing you should do is sit right back down in front of the TV. Get moving — you'll feel better physically andemotionally. Give it a try!


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