Friday, January 15, 2010

Get in control

By Diane Peters

Stress. Avoid turning to food for comfort. Instead, try to minimize the impact of rip-your-hair-out situations by practicing deep breathing and adding a short workout into your day.

Weekends. Without the weekday afternoon rush at the gym, you might actually be able to score the cable machine on a Saturday. But don’t use the extra workout as an excuse to overeat later.

Social events. Have a healthy snack such as some apples with peanut butter before heading out, so that you can focus on chatting up your girlfriends, not ogling over the dessert menu.

Tight budget. Can’t afford a personal trainer to walk you through the correct moves and form? Check out for tons of free tips and advice for all your fat loss and muscle-building needs.

Kids. Sign up for classes you can take with your baby, or find a gym that offers discounted daycare for members.

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