Friday, January 1, 2010

Danielle's Daily Food & Fitness Journal

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm back! As of today, I will blogging daily to keep you motivated in the new year. I know it's hard, but you are so worth it. If you take the "One day at a time" attitude, you will slowly move closer to achieving your goals. Always remember, if you give up - nobody takes your place and keeps exercising and eating right for you. It's up to you.
I'm hoping that my day to day food an exercise journaling will help you too!

My first meal was at noon-time today. Baked tilapia and brocolli. Needless to say, I had a late night last night. I just finished a grapefruit and a half cup of lowfat cottage cheese. I'm looking forward to my dinner in a little while. Watching football and trying to inspiring a few peeps first. I did one hour on the cybex arc trainer and another 30 minutes on the stairclimber. I feel good. Food journaling is so easy when you eat clean. Try....

2010 Weight-Loss Ready Checklist
Are you finally ready to lose your unwanted body fat? If you have a New Year's Resolution to lose weight, you should complete the following checklist TODAY.Preparation is the key to SUCCESS, get prepared TODAY!

1. Buy a scale, heart-rate monitor, bodybugg ( and measuring tape to track your progress. - weigh yourself and take your body circumference measurements now!

2. Buy a calorie-count book ( a food/fitness journal ( and a eraser/bulletin board (

3. Join a gym, buy home fitness equipment, hire a trainer ( and find a workout buddy.

4. Plan your meals, do a pantry sweep (get rid of all unauthorized foods), go to the grocery store and stock up on healthy food.

5. Load your personal cassette, CD, or Ipod with motivating workout music. (

6. Create your 2010 vision board - supplies needed: poster board, magazines, glue stick.

7. Join an online diet community, challenge or contest:

8. Create your 2010 goals, short-term and long-term.

9. Accountability - tell everyone you know about your new weight-loss goals and focus.
10. Enjoy TODAY and celebrate the NEW YEAR!!

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