Monday, January 18, 2010

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Simple Steps to Weight-Loss Success

You’ve made the decision to lose weight — now what? If you’re already following the South Beach Diet lifestyle, you’re on the right path to achieving your goal. Making healthy changes to your daily routine doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are three simple steps to help you get started:

Eat a balanced, nutrient-dense, high-fiber diet. When planning your meals and snacks for the week, make sure to include a variety of nutritious foods such as lean protein, beans and other legumes, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and good unsaturated fats, as well as whole fruits and whole grains on Phase 2. Avoid highly processed sugary and starchy carbs that can cause swings in blood sugar lead to unhealthy cravings, and stay away from saturated fat and trans-fat-laden snacks and fast food.

Exercise often and maximize your workout. Exercise revs up your metabolism and helps you achieve quicker weight-loss results. The level of commitment is entirely up to you, but do what you can, ideally working in some exercise every day. The most efficient way of exercising is to do intervals in which you alternate bursts of fast, intense activity with periods of slower and less-intense activity that allow your body to recover. Doing interval walking outdoors or on a treadmill or elliptical, for example, for at least 20 minutes a day can help you shift your metabolism into high gear so that you can burn more calories and fat in less time. The key is to create a realistic exercise plan that you’ll be able to stick with. Alternating interval exercise with core-strengthening exercises on different days is best.

Seek out support. Look to your friends and family for encouragement. They may want to join you on the diet, but even if they don’t, they can offer inspiration and motivation as you move toward your health and fitness goals. If friends or family aren't available, you can find a new friend to follow the diet with you by logging on to the South Beach Diet Online. Not a member? Sign up to join the South Beach Diet Online today and get access to our database of over 1,000 recipes.

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