Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Healthy Holiday Eating
This is the season where sweets and treats are prevalent, tempting and in your face at the office, at home, at friends, at the bank and just about everywhere. We are hit with a whammy every few weeks from here until the New Year making it harder to stick with an exercise regimen and proper diet. Family gatherings and holiday travel make it sometimes difficult to continue training especially if you do not go somewhere with gym access. All these holidays revolve around good, rich and yummy foods which you want to and should partake in especially if you have been exercising and eating right diligently all year round. Read Full Article >>

Success Story of the Week - Brittnie
This area is dedicated to weight loss success stories shared by our visitors. These are real stories from real people who have achieved real results. Each person shares their nutritional tips, exercise advice and insight about how they successfully lost weight and kept it off. Learn exactly what these people ate and what specific exercises they used to lose excess body fat and build lean muscle. We hope these stories will provide you with the motivation to make the changes that will make your life healthier and happier. See After Photos >>

Recipe of the Week - Sweet Potato Wedges
Healthy eating is the foundation for achieving the body of your dreams. Whether it's to lose body fat, pack on lean muscle mass or feel better throughout the day, the quality of food you eat is absolutely critical to reaching your goals. Read our healthy recipe of the week to get new and fresh ideas about planning your next nutrient dense meal plan. From quick snacks to healthy desserts, our list of nutrient packed meals will give you the fuel to power through intense workouts and provide overall energy to easily get you through the day! Get Recipe >>

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