Thursday, January 17, 2008

Reach Out for Success
When you're trying to make positive changes in your life, having a support system in place is so important. Knowing that you have people who will celebrate your successes with you can keep you motivated; knowing that they'll offer you comfort and advice can keep you going when you're struggling. Research has confirmed that people participating in an online weight-loss program lose more weight when they have continued personal contact with others.

The Healthy Living With Ellie program knows how important that connection is, and that's why Message Boards have been set up for everyone who's participating. The Boards are a place where people on the program can reach out to one another, no matter how far apart they may live.
If you've never posted a message online before, don't worry — it's easy. If you have a question about a part of the program that you're struggling with, post it — someone else out there may just have the answer for you. Or if you feel as though you've gained some wisdom about making the program work for you, share it, and you just might inspire someone else. You can post a message with new ideas for exercise, tasty recipes, or time-management tips, or regarding any other topic that interests you, whether you're asking questions or answering.

If you're not used to reaching out to others for support, today's small change may feel like a big change indeed! But I think you'll be surprised at how helpful it can be to communicate with people working their way through the program just like you. So today, post on the Message Boards, and remember to check back regularly to see how others have responded to what you have to share. Go to: for more information.

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