Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's All About the Food
Beat the Buzzer
Frozen meals and takeout may save you time at the end of a long day, but in the long run your family will pay the price because of the calories, fat, and sodium in these and other processed foods. If it seems you never have the time to make a meal from scratch, the solution is easier than you think: Prepare meals on the weekends and freeze leftovers for another day.

Also, make sure you always have a few key ingredients on hand so you can pull together a healthy meal in just minutes. Here are some good staples to keep in the kitchen:

* Whole-grain bread, rolls, crackers, English muffins, pita, and cereals; whole-wheat pasta and instant brown rice; frozen whole-wheat waffles.

* Lean deli meats, grilled chicken breasts, roasted turkey slices, frozen veggie and lean turkey burgers, and natural peanut butter.

* Reduced-fat cheese and part-skim string cheese, and nonfat and low-fat yogurt.

* Low-fat and fat-free tomato sauce, canned unsalted beans, canned fish.

* Fruits and vegetables — fresh and frozen (vegetables without sauce, and fruit without added sugar).

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