Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Family Fun and Fitness
Work the Home Advantage

You can't really blame your kids for not exercising if they don't have a place to do it. As the family coach, it's up to you to provide your team with the space and equipment they need.
It's not all that hard to create an environment that inspires activity in and around your home. Even if your home isn't very big, make sure there's at least some clear floor space for kids to play when they can't go outside. Outside, you can put up a basketball hoop or badminton net in the backyard or driveway, or invest in a soccer ball or football for the kids to kick or toss around. Kids love biking, so make sure they have safe bikes to ride (and helmets) — you can buy used equipment if new is too expensive.

Finally, set the right tone in the house by putting up pictures of your family doing fun, outdoorsy activities. When your kids see these regularly and remember these times fondly, they'll be begging to do them again!

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