Thursday, January 17, 2008

A simple way to ensure that you're bikini-ready soon is to keep a close watch on portion sizes. It's really easy to take "just one more bite" when you're sitting at the table with the food in front of you. So when you're preparing your meals, make sure you put any additional servings away in the fridge or freezer before you sit down to eat. You will be full with your portion; it's often because there is more food available that we think we need it! Another trick is to prepare only the number of servings you'll actually need for that meal — no extra. After all, you can't eat what's not there. If you're the type who tends to munch while you cook, make sure to have a healthy snack beforehand so you aren't tempted. Some Bootcampers find it helpful to keep their mouths "occup! ied" with sugarless gum while cooking. Reward yourself every time you cut back on those wasted calories — they don't look nearly as good on you as that bikini will!

Don't Go at It Alone
Eating out can be tricky
— you have little control over what's going into your food, and there are no scary nutrition labels to keep you away. But eating at home can be boring — so spice it up! Invite some health-conscious friends over for a potluck supper. The extra support will give you a push to stay on track! Go to: for more information.

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