Sunday, January 13, 2008

Danielle's thoughts.....

Do you know how many calories you consumed today? Did you buy yourself a food journal and calorie count book? I truly believe that most people would be successful with weight-loss if they accurately tracked their calories on a daily basis. When you realize just how many calories you consume, it's easier to see how making healthy food choices can maximize your food intake. Example: a bagel with cream cheese at Dunkin Donuts can account for over 500 calories. The bagel is 300 calories and 2 tbsp. of the cream cheese is 150 calories. If you let them put it on, it's more like 200 - 300 calories in cream cheese calories. If you're trying to stay under 1400 calories, you've already eaten over a third of your calories. Oh and if you had a medium regular with that, add another 200 in half & half calories. Hmmmm, now maybe you'll consider making your own healthy breakfast at home.

Start journaling tomorrow. At least you'll know why your not losing weight. It's a huge eye-opener. If you refuse to journal, you don't want to lose weight that bad. It's been proven to be a successful weight-loss tool. Just do it!

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