Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Biggest Loser Recap: Game ON! The players didn't fool me when they said they voted Curtis and Mallory off because they knew the pair would do well on their own at home. That was just another way of saying they were a threat. And with that first strategic vote, the competition heated up. Here's my wrap-up of Week Three on Campus.

A Prize for Last Week's Losers: After losing the highest percentage of total body weight last week, Orange teammates Jackie and Dan were named Biggest Loser Team of the Week. To earn their prize, they had to hike to the top of a big hill, where three envelopes marked "Luxury," "Family," and "Gameplay" awaited them. Without opening the envelopes, the pair had to choose — and being in it to win it, they chose Gameplay. They won two votes at the elimination but passed up free massages and a 24-hour visit from a family member — totally worth it, if you ask me!

Building Alliances: This week's challenge forced the teams to form alliances...and it wasn't pretty. The teams were brought to a course where there was a pile of medicine balls on the other side of a shallow pit of muddy water. One member from each team had to cross the water, grab a ball, and bring it back to deposit it on another team's rack. The other team member stayed behind to strategize and tell his or her teammate where to put each ball. When a team's rack filled up, they were out of the challenge, and the last team standing would win my favorite prize: IMMUNITY at the weigh-in. It didn't take long for things to get heated, as teams worked together to throw other teams out. In the end, the Grey Team (former football teammates Roger and Trent) walked away with the prize, and almost everyone else walked away with hard feelings.

A Breakthrough: I've always said that the results the contestants get on Campus aren't going to stick if they don't look at some of the emotional issues that got them to such a high weight in the first place. This week, I had the honor of helping mother-and-daughter team Bette-Sue and Ali start to talk to each other about the issues in their relationship. It was a really positive experience for both of them, and it was great for me to see them open up and make some real progress.

Weigh-in and Elimination: After the dismal results last week, Bob and I were determined to help the teams do better this week — and we KILLED them in the gym. For lots of players, the work totally paid off with some great numbers: Yellow teammates Kelly and Paul lost a combined 23 pounds to beat the Blue Team by the narrowest of margins — 0.01 percent — for the title of Biggest Loser of the Week. The Purple and White Teams fell below the yellow line, and White teammates Neill and Amanda were voted off with the first four votes in the elimination. No one on Campus felt Neill was pulling his weight...but today, he and Amanda are both working hard and determined to come back and prove themselves.
Next week, we're throwing a curveball at the players that could change the face of the game. But I can't tell you what the twist is — you're going to have to find out for yourself next Tuesday!
This Week's Challenge: Clear Your Mind
Today your meditation mantra is "Yes, I can." Say it over and over to yourself to tell your mind and body that you're ready and able to accomplish your short- and long-term goals.
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DANIELLE'S COMMENTS: I love the orange, pink and yellow teams. Jillian really showed her softer side last night, it was sweet. Remember, it's not just about being FAT, it's about healing. Healing so that you can live a happy, healthy life!

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