Wednesday, September 5, 2007

URGENT Registration details....

GROUP EXCLUSIVE FUNCTIONAL TRAINING - Fall Sessions, are about to begin. I'm hoping to expand my class offerings to (8) sessions per week. On Monday, September 10th you will be able to register for (1) or more of my classes. Most of my clients have lost inches, quicker, by registering for (2) classes per week. Remember, we should be doing 2 to 3 resistance training workouts a week. If you haven't been using weights at all, you should consider the twice a week option.
Cost: $189 BSC members - per 8 week class, $259 non-members. ($378 for (2) classes per week)

Class Times for Sept. 24 start:

1. 6:00am Monday

2. 7:00am Monday

3. 6:30pm Monday

4. 6:00am Wednesday

5. 7:00am Monday

6. 5:30pm Wednesday

7. 9:00am Tuesday

8. 9:00am Friday

*IMPORTANT - I need to know what classes each of you intend on registering for. I still have time to add or remove classes. The official registration is not until Monday. (DEMO class is Monday night at 6:30pm - FREE).

Please email me with your desired class time. Also direct others to this post, if you know that they are interested. I need a count today, because I can only run classes with the minimum of 3 participants.


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Danielle Bultron said...

So far I have 6:00am on Monday and Wednesday full. Also, 6:30pm Monday night full. There are 3 interested in 7:00am Wednesday or Friday and 9:00am on Friday a possibility.

Please email me, if you haven't already...

I want to see YOU in class....