Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Did you watch "The Biggest Loser" last night?

At-Home Tips from Bob

You Don't Have to Be on the Show to Lose Weight
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Special feature from The Biggest Loser ClubIt’s true. Most of us won't ever have the chance to go to the Biggest Loser campus to focus solely on weight loss for a period of weeks. But guess what? Contestants who followed the program at home during Season 3, did pretty well! Here are some tips from Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper for those of you—that means most of us—who need to lose weight right at home:

1. Take Baby to the Gym - If you think you can’t get to the gym because you’ve got to babysit, think again. Call your gym and see if they offer babysitting services on site while you work out. More and more gyms are doing it. And if yours doesn’t, ask them why not.

2. Workout Buddies - Being accountable is a huge factor in losing weight. Make a deal with a friend or acquaintance to meet for workouts or early morning walks. You’re a lot less likely to hit that snooze button over and over when you know someone is counting on you to show up.

3. Set a Fitness Goal - Sometimes if you commit to a fitness goal, you’ll be more motivated to take the steps to reach it. Think about signing up to walk a mini-marathon or 5-K race. Better yet, do it for charity. Then you have a great reason to take the steps to deliver on the day of the event.

4. Get Your House in Weight Loss Order - Eliminate the problem. Get rid of temptation foods in your house. Don’t even bring them in.

5. Give It a Hand - If you don’t have measuring cups available, use your fist to figure out correct portions. From chicken breasts to veggies to fruit, just about every portion you’ll eat is the size of your fist.

6. Take a Load Off - Make dining a pleasant ritual. Sit down and enjoy your food rather than eating on the go.

7. Start Small - Thinking that you can’t get in shape because you don’t have two hours a day to exercise is just another excuse for doing nothing. Start small, because small can only get bigger. Starting big means burning out, blowing out, getting injured – another reason you might quit altogether.

8. Journal It - Use your food journal to keep track of what triggered you to overeat – negative emotions, stress, a celebration, or being with certain people. Identifying these trigger situations will help you put a stop to them.

9. Make Peace With Your Body - The main thing is to make peace with your body now, before you try to change it. Accept where you are at the moment. Okay, you’re overweight. But how great that you’ve decided to do something about it!

10. Keep Things in Perspective - My clients, particularly those who have to lose a lot of weight, are often very angst-ridden when they start. They say, “You’re going to take away the food I love! You’re going to make me do things I don’t want to do, which is why nothing has ever worked for me!” I try to get them to relax. This isn’t about beating yourself down but lifting yourself up. It involves realizing why your eating has gotten out of control and starting to think about food differently. I teach them how to work their favorite foods into their plan so they don’t ever feel deprived.
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DANIELLE'S COMMENTS: By the way, I absolutely love Bob Harber. Anyway, use this as your check list and set yourself up for success, once and for all!!!

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