Friday, August 24, 2007

More tips from Harley Pasternak!

Where's the Beef Jerky?
The ancient Incans perfected the art of taking thin slices of meat, stripping the fat from it, adding salt, and drying it at low temperatures. The result is jerky (the name comes from an Incan word meaning "dried meat"), one of the healthiest, easiest snacks available. While jerky is most commonly made of beef, many varieties are now on the market, such as turkey, ostrich, salmon, and tuna. Because the fat is taken off the meat, all that's left is muscle-building protein with very few calories. Some jerky is made with sugary marinades, which can add unnecessary carbs. Look for brands without the sugar. If you're worried about the amount of sodium, drink plenty of water when you eat jerky. After all, if it's been around since ancient times, there must be something appealing about this tasty, portable snack.

The Truth About Dried Fruit
Not all dried foods were created alike. Although dried fruits are a step up from candy, they are often very high in calories. This is because when you remove the water from the fruit, it shrivels up; a dried apricot or apple is much smaller than a fresh one but contains the same number of calories. So make sure to eat dried fruit only in moderation — and unsweetened!

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